We are an Australian owned and operated
company, servicing our clients locally and internationally

About GCC

Global Compliance Certification Pty Ltd (GCC) is a leading independent certification body for Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems in Australia, New Zealand & Japan accredited by JAS-ANZ (Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand).

Global Compliance Certification has been providing its value added certification services to the Government, Public and Private Sector Organizations. We are a professional organization backed by a team of trained, quality conscious, experienced auditors & technical experts. We provide a wide spectrum of services in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Global Compliance Certification is an Australian owned and operated company with its offices in Sydney and Melbourne servicing our clients throughout Australia, New Zealand & Japan. We have a wide choice of specialist auditors available throughout Australia, New Zealand & Japan who have experience in a vast range of industries.

Our Business Policy

Global Compliance Certification (GCC) believes impartiality is necessary to deliver certification services that provide confidence. To ensure the objectivity of services, Management team place emphasis on Impartiality, competence, management of conflict of interest, confidentiality and professional ethics of management system certification activities.

Global Compliance Certification is committed to the provision of professional services to meet and where possible, exceed clients’ requirements and expectations.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Adopt the framework and requirements of ISO/IEC 17021 to meet business, client, legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Apply competent personnel supported by our ongoing competency development system to ensure strong professional ethics and a client focused team
  • Commit to keep confidential any proprietary information about our clients
  • Continually improve our service level and effectiveness of our business management system,
  • Be responsible to deliver high standard services to our client and responsive to our clients’ expectations and concerns in order to improve our client satisfaction.
  • Maintain a safe and healthy work environment for our staff and subcontractors.

Our Ethics Policy

In Global Compliance Certification, we are committed to consistently behave according to a set of values and ethics and strive to meet our customers’ needs while serving the best interests of our surrounding communities and the public at large.

In Global Compliance Certification, we:

  • Respect all employees, clients and business partners.
  • Are sensitive to how our behaviour may affect those around us.
  • Treat all customers and suppliers honestly, fairly and objectively.
  • Avoid unfair or deceptive practices.
  • Act in ways that are consistent with our commitment to social responsibility.

Our Principles

Responsiveness to complaints

Parties that rely on our certification expect to have complaints investigated and, if these are found to be valid, should have confidence that the complaints will be appropriately addressed and that a reasonable effort will be made to resolve the complaints.


Competence of our personnel supported by our management system is necessary to deliver certification that provides confidence.


CC has the responsibility to assess sufficient objective evidence upon which to base a certification decision. Based on audit conclusions, we make a decision to grant certification if there is sufficient evidence of conformity, or not to grant certification if there is not sufficient evidence of conformity.


GCC provides public access to, or disclosure of, appropriate and timely information about our audit process and certification process, and about the certification status (i.e. the granting, extending, maintaining, renewing, suspending, reducing the scope of, or withdrawing of certification) of any organization.


To gain the privileged access to information that is needed for us to assess conformity to requirements for certification adequately, GCC has a policy to keep confidential any proprietary information about a client.


Being impartial, and being perceived to be impartial, is necessary for GCC’s services to deliver certification that provides confidence.

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