AS/NZS 5377 E-waste Management System

Provide safe and environmentally sound collection, storage, transport and treatment of E-waste

About AS/NZS 5377 E-Waste Management System

The AS/NZS 5377 standard was developed by the Australian Government’s Department of the Environment, and the New Zealand Ministry of Environment to provide a uniform approach to assessing e-waste management systems.

This Standard sets out principles and minimum requirements for the safe and environmentally sound collection, storage, transport and treatment of end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment in order to:

  • Maximise re-use and material recovery
  • Reduce or eliminate the amount of waste from this equipment going to final point of disposal operations such as landfill
  • Safeguard worker health
  • Minimise harm to the environment

The need for all organisations that are involved in e-waste recycling to be certified to AS/NZS 5377 arose from an operational review of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS), which was created to manage the ongoing stability of recycling systems as the volume of e-waste increases exponentially.

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Focus of AS/NZS 5377

  • Provide guidance and minimum requirements for: Collection, Storage, Transport, Recycling Facilities, Resource Recovery, Disposal of End-of-Life Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Diverting it from Landfill
  • Develop, Implement and Maintain Management Processes
  • Give Confidence to Parties and Stakeholders when Benchmarking Performance

Benefits of AS/NZS 5377

  • Provides a Framework to Implement an Effective E-Waste Management System
  • Reduces the Hazards Associated with E-Waste Management
  • Reduces the Risk of Non-Compliance with Legislation and Subsequent Costs or Prosecution
  • Promotes E-Waste Management Best Practices
  • Reinforces Good E-Waste Management Behaviours
  • Improves your Brand Image and Demonstrates your Organisation’s Commitment to the Environment
  • Increases your Access to New Customers and Business Partners
  • Improves Managing your Environmental Risks, Now and in the Future
  • Reduces Insurance Premiums, Waste Handling Costs, and Other Related Fees
  • Attracts Investment, Enhances Brand Reputation and Removes Barriers to Trade
  • Provides an Advantage over Competitors who are not Certified

Certification Process

Certification involves GCC assessing your organisation in order to ascertain that management systems meet the requirements of one or more recognised standards. Becoming certified to a nationally or internationally recognised standard is of great benefit to an organization. It improves overall performance, builds confidence within stakeholder groups and broadens the scope of new opportunity.

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AS/NZS 5377 – E-Waste Recycling