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GCC is an Approved Quality Auditor for the NDIS practice standards. We offer both Verification and Certification assessments for NDIS providers.

About the Certification audits

Providers requiring a certification audit provide more complex or higher risk supports and services. In a certification audit, providers are assessed against the NDIS Practice Standards which may include assessment against the core module and any supplementary module relevant to the type of support they deliver. The registration requirements outline the compliance requirements for the core and supplementary modules by registration group.

Assessment includes core capabilities, such as risk management, delivery of supports, the delivery environment and governance and operational management.

NDIS providers that deliver services and supports within the High Intensity Daily Personal Activities registration group will be assessed against the High Intensity Skills Descriptors.

GCC Auditors will complete the certification audit for providers, and the audit will include document reviews, site visits and interviews with NDIS workers and participants.

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    The certification process

    NDIS Certification -Part 1 Audit Process

    This Short Video (2.5 minutes) includes an explanation of Audit process, Provisional vs initial certification, what is involved in Stage 1 and Stage 2 Audits and an introduction to NDIS Modules.

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    NDIS Certification -Part 2 Preparing for your Certification Audit and required documents

    This video (3.1 minutes) explains required documentations, IDs, Insurances, etc and how to get prepared for NDIS Certification audit.

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    What are the NDIS Practice Standards?

    The NDIS provides Practice Standards which specify the quality standards each provider must meet for approval. The most up to date information about practice standards can be found here.

    The NDIS Practice Standards consist of a core module and several supplementary modules that apply depending on the types of supports and services you deliver and your organisational structure.

    Each module has a series of high-level, participant-focused outcomes for each outcome in the modules, the NDIS Commission has prepared quality indicators that approved auditors use to assess compliance with the NDIS Practice Standards.

    Core module

    The core module covers:

    • Rights of participants and responsibilities of providers
    • Governance and operational management
    • The delivery of supports, and
    • The environment in which supports are delivered.

    The Supplementary modules are:

    • High intensity daily personal activities
    • Specialist behaviour support, including implementing behaviour support plans
    • Early childhood supports
    • Specialised support co-ordination, and
    • Specialist disability accommodation.

    Which Modules are applicable to me? 

    Your ‘Initial scope of audit & self-assessment summary’ provided by the NDIS lists this. 

    Preparing for your Certification Audit

    The NDIS Commission provides resources to assist with your preparation for a certification audit. 

    GCC also provides the following documents prior to your audit:  

    • A pre-audit checklist 
    • Qualifications guide with the requirements for each occupation

    Frequently Asked Questions

    NDIS Audit process Questions

    How quickly can I get an NDIS provider audit?

    Our flexible booking approach means we're ready when you are. Our NDIS Coordinator will talk to you about the requirements you need to meet for a successful audit. We will provide you with the information you need to prepare for the audit and only then schedule a date.

    This allows us to book you in quickly, once we know you are ready.

    Will your auditors come to me?

    We strive to use local auditors to save our clients unnecessary costs. We have auditors in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Newcastle, Wollongong, Bendigo, Ballarat, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Geelong, Mornington Peninsula, and other regional areas.

    How long until I receive my certificate of registration?

    The NDIS Commission will undertake a formal assessment in accordance with internal procedures and legislative requirements. They will be in contact with you if there is any further information required to assist the NDIS Commissioner in making the final decision.
    There is no legislated timeframe regarding finalising an application after audit report has been received. This all depends on the complexity of each application. The Commission are working on case-by-case basis to finalise each application accordingly with due process.
    The NDIS Commission will email you the outcome once your application is processed and a decision made.

    They are processing a high volume of applications and ask for your patience.
    If you wish to enquire about the status of your application, please contact the NDIS Commission directly - 1800 035 544

    If they request any additional information from us, we will keep you updated so you are aware of the progress of your application.

    NDIS Certification cost

    NDIS Certification cost and NDIS Verification cost can vary depending on the NDIS registration groups, the number of NDIS participants, number of outlets and NDIS workers. If you could provide GCC with a copy of your 'initial scope of audit & self-assessment summary' provided by the NDIS commission, the information within will assist us to provide you with a NDIS quote.

    Should you have any questions on the process or how to proceed, please do not hesitate to contact GCC Office.

    NDIS Audit Requirements Questions

    What do I need to provide?

    A comprehensive checklist will be provided to you if you decide to undertake your audit with GCC.

    You will also have an NDIS Audit Coordinator to assist you with any questions you have.

    As auditors, we are unable to provide you with templates or policies, etc., but we can guide you in the right direction if you have a question about how to meet the requirements.

    The focus areas of the audit will be:

    • Policies and procedures (systems) to meet the NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators relevant to your scope.
    • Worker Screening documents and evidence of appropriate qualifications (where applicable)
    • Business insurance

    You may download Provider Information Pack here.


    What qualifications do I need to be an NDIS provider?

    The required qualifications for each occupation group are set by the NDIS Commission and consider professional registration requirements and the industry requirements.

    The last pages of the document outline the qualification required for each registration group. As you scroll up you will see what evidence the auditor will need to sight to evidence the qualifications.

    What is the difference between Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 Support Coordination?

    Level 1 and 2 support coordination fall under registration group 0106 - Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages, transitions, and supports. This registration group does not have any mandatory qualifications or memberships to be able to deliver supports and falls under the Core Module standards. Providers must demonstrate suitability by meeting the Core Module Practice Standards and Quality Indicators. Auditors will consider how the provider is managing any potential risks associated with the delivery of this support/service and any specific opportunities for improvement.

    Level 3, known as 0132 Specialist Support Coordination, is a specialised registration group centred around complex participant needs and circumstances. Typically, Social Workers and Psychologists are approved however each submission is subject to individual assessment of qualifications, memberships, and professional development by the Commission. Providers must demonstrate suitability by meeting the Core Module and Module 4 Practice Standards and Quality Indicators. Auditors will consider how the provider is managing any potential risks associated with the delivery of this support/service and any specific opportunities for improvement.

    How can I apply for NDIS Worker Screening Check?

    NDIS Worker Screening Check is a new, national check that assesses if a person who works with people with a disability poses any risk to participants. It is now available across all states and territories in Australia. 
    See the requirements, and links for different states here. 

    How do I prepare before NDIS audit?

    Here are 5 tips to get you ready for your NDIS Audit. Click here.

    NDIS Registration questions

    How can I remove a registration from my scope?

    You can complete an “application for variation of registration” form (obtained from the NDIS Commission) to request removal of a registration group between audits. Otherwise, simply do not claim any line items that fall under that registration category for the period of your registration. Once it comes time for renewal of your registration you can select to remove it.

    Is there an additional fee to ‘register’ once the NDIS audit is completed?

    The NDIS Commission does not charge a fee for registration.

    What is provisional Certification?
    • Provisional audits assess the documentation and readiness of a provider to start providing NDIS services. It does not require involvement from participants or seek evidence of implementation. If you undertake a provisional audit, you will be required to undergo a full certification audit within 18 months of your registration being granted.
    • Full Certification audits are completed by providers who are registered with the NDIS Commission and/or have existing participants. Stage 1 looks at the documented systems (policies and procedures etc.) and then during stage 2 of the audit, the auditor will interview participants and workers. This is done to ensure the companies systems are being implemented appropriately. A mid-term audit is required 18 months after the NDIS approves the application. The mid-term audit reviews the Governance and Operational Management practice standards as well as various focus areas depending on the providers’ previous audit.
    What kind of insurance do I need?
    • A certificate of currency for current insurance that meets the minimum level of cover commensurate to the scope of the provider.
    • Providers should seek professional advice as to the type and amount of insurance that is necessary.
    • Public liability is mandatory in most cases.
    • Professional indemnity insurance is required when you provide professional advice as a part of your services.
    • If you have workers, you may need to have workers' compensation insurance.
    When can I provide services to NDIA managed participants?

    You can only provide services to NDIA managed participants once the NDIS Commission has approved your application and sent you a certificate of registration.

    Can I change the ABN I am registered in?

    Providers often want to change from a sole trader to a company for tax purposes however there may be other reasons you wish to change your ABN.

    The NDIS Commission tracks provider registration based on the providers ABN. This means, any changes to the ABN will require the provider to apply for a new registration under that ABN with the commission.

    We have assisted many providers through this process and provide notification to the NDIS Commission on your behalf. Please contact us and we can assist you.

    I am an unregistered provider – what are my obligations?

    An unregistered service provider is aprovider who has not completed the NDIS approval process. The provider still can offer services to self managed and plan managed participants. If you are an unregistered provider, you will still need to meet certain requirements and ensure you follow the NDIS code of conduct.

    Unregistered providers and their workers need to follow the NDIS Code of Conduct. The NDIS compliance requirement also applies to unregistered providers, and anyone can make a complaint to the NDIS Commission about a provider or worker regardless of registration status.

    Unregistered provider must be able to effectively manage complaints about the quality and safety of supports and services being provided. This includes worker screening, see details on this webpage.

    Read more about unregistered provider obligations here.

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    Bahija Badal
    I had the pleasure of dealing with GCC and the Auditor assigned to me to guide me through my NDIS re-verification audit . I like most people a little nervous that I may have missed something. From the start up zoom audit process I was greeted with a calm approach , I found the audit process not only informative and helpful but Al Matin gave me motivation again after what has been a very hard couple of years. He explained ways for me to keep growing and improving my business, my audit was successful and insightful, I would highly recommend any small business to be at ease when dealing with GCC and staff . An overall great experience.read more
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    GCC have delivered a high standard of service which sets a precedence amongst their competitors. They were super informative and also educative which gives our organisation the confidence that our practices are in line with NDIS expectations. They're professionalism and delivery is commendable and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending their services to other providers. Thank you GCC! (Krisneil Care)read more
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    Great help! Made the audit process, quick easy and very positive. Thank you!
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    What a Team!As scary as an audit can be these guys made it seem so simple with their informative and regular communication.The auditor (Christine) explained everything in a way that I was able to understand exactly what I needed to do, excellent communication.I highly recommend GCC to anyone needing help with their Audit process, or simply for advice.Thank you to all the Team.read more
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    Kikoo Ndhlovu
    I’ve recently had an audit with Armin Eftekhari from GCC and I would like to highly recommend GCC especially Armin for the great work they do. Armin was highly professional and very knowledgeable in his field. He made the process of the audit a very informative and supportive experience for us while acknowledging our efforts as a provider. Having an auditor with such approach further motivates providers to do even better with what they do. Many thanks to Armin and GCC.Kind regards,Laylan ShamdinDirectorBuilding Abilities Disability Servicesread more
    Laylan Shamdin
    I would like to send great appreciation and positive feedback for our audit with GCC.Thank you for every team member who had participated during the process.We feel comfortable for the efficient and effective communication between GCC staff and us.Special THANK YOU for Auditors - Shervin and MelThey are both very very professional and knowledgeable auditors. They delivered clear auditing structure and scientific procedures that minimising the confusion when we identifying what is the question, so that we could demonstrate our work quicker than usual. This made a smoother Q&A mechanism, therefore we felt less nervous and were able to present a better performance in the auditing.I am representing Helpie to appreciate your time and effort!We are looking forward to meet with you for our mid-term audit in 18 months.We would definitely recommend GCC to my friends.read more
    N Z
    Feedback –I would like to thank the team at GCC for all the support and guidance provided to us throughout our audit journey. In particular, I would like to thank our lead auditor Mr Shari Ghobadi for his patience, empathy and professionalism which led to a successful and stress-free audit.Overall it was a pleasure collaborating with GCC and I look forward to working with them in the future as well.Recommendations –I strongly recommend GCC to anyone looking for a professional, honest, and efficient organisation !read more
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    Sereta Uitenweerde
    GCC exceeded every expectation.Their Administration staff eliminated any apprehension and uncertainty I held with prompt and reliable guidance throughout the entire process.Their Auditor's comprehensive knowledge and expertise, even with my company's specific requirements, was outstanding.Engaging GCC's services helped me develop a confident understanding of my business and quite a positive outlook from hereon.read more
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    I highly recommend GCC for NDIS audit. Good customer service and overall very informative experience.
    Bipin Chapagain
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    Jason Lewis
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