Protect the environment and operate more
sustainably for future generations

Environmental Management Systems Guidelines
(3rd edition 2013)

The NSW Government environmental management system guidelznes were developed to facilitate the achievement of improved environmental performance by the construction industry. It is provided to assist agencies, other customers and service providers with the implementation of systematic environmental management that ensures better performance, in accordance with the requirements of the NSW Government Procurement Policy, including the Code of Practice for Procurement.

Benefits of NSW EMS

  • Controlling and improving environmental performance
  • Improved organisational image and dierentiation from competitors and peers
  • Improved relations with stakeholders
  • Better development and transfer of knowledge and technology
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Earlier access to emerging markets for both new products and by-products
  • Improved control over liabilities, leading to greater access to capital
  • Improved performance resulting in staying ahead of the competition
  • Avoiding unnecessary involvement with regulators
  • Reducing negative perceptions about the organisation in the community

* This program is not accredited by JAS-ANZ.

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