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WHS – Work Health and Safety Regulation in NSW

WHS Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines (5th edition, 2013)

This WHS Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines apply to all NSW government construction projects, and provide the framework for applying a systematic approach to the management of WHS. The NSW Government Construction Agencies have agreed that their construction contractors will be required to develop and implement WHS Management Systems and plans consistent with these Guidelines.

Benefits & Application of WHS in NSW

The Guidelines have been developed to enable NSW government agencies which undertake construction and infrastructure projects to work with the construction industry in a manner that:

  • Improves safety outcomes for all construction industry participants
  • Provides a consistent minimum standard across all NSW government construction projects that industry participants must meet
  • Facilitates a safety management systems approach by construction contractors reducing accidents
  • Supports NSW government agencies in demonstrating they are meeting their obligations under Work Health and Safety laws
  • Reduces the risk of accidents and their associated costs
  • Reduces public liability insurance costs
  • Improves the management of health and safety risks, both now, and in the future
  • Provides a comfortable and safe work environment for employees

* This program is not accredited by JAS-ANZ.

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