In a landmark achievement, Global Compliance Certification (GCC) has become the first certification body to receive ISO/IEC 27701 accreditation from the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JASANZ). This significant milestone not only solidifies GCC’s commitment to information security but also positions the organization as a leader in Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) certification.

ISO/IEC 27701, introduced as an extension to ISO 27001, focuses on privacy information management, addressing the increasing importance of safeguarding personal data. The ISO 27001 standard establishes a comprehensive framework for an organization’s Information Security Management System (ISMS). In contrast, ISO 27701 builds upon this foundation by expanding the ISMS to encompass a dedicated Privacy Information Management System.

 “Achieving this accreditation cements GCC’s commitment to its journey of becoming one of the top Information Security certification providers in Australia and globally.”

Mousa Sharifi – Managing Director

The ISO 27701 accreditation validates GCC’s competence in assessing and certifying organizations against privacy information management standards. As concerns about data privacy continue to escalate in Australia and around the globe, this recognition positions GCC at the forefront of providing comprehensive solutions to businesses seeking to enhance their information security and privacy practices.

As businesses increasingly recognize the importance of protecting sensitive information and maintaining the trust of their stakeholders, the demand for robust information security and privacy management systems continues to grow. With ISO 27701 accreditation, Global Compliance Certification has not only positioned itself as a leader in this domain but has also demonstrated its dedication to providing comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions to organizations navigating the complex landscape of information security and privacy compliance.

About Global Compliance Certification

Global Compliance Certification (GCC) is a leading independent certification body for Quality, Safety, Environment, Information Security, Food Safety, NDIS and other Management Systems accredited by JASANZ. GCC provides its value-added certification services to the Government, Public, and Private Sector Organizations. We are a professional organization backed by a team of trained, quality-conscious, experienced auditors & technical experts.