How the ISO 14001 Standard Protects the Planet

Every business operating in a world where the climate crisis is of growing importance should ensure they have an Environmental Management System (EMS) in place. Not only that, but their environmental management system should adhere to global standards. The ISO 14001:2015 is the most popular and widely recognised standard for environmental management, and therefore is the standard businesses should aim for.

The reason why this standard needs to be maintained by businesses globally is so that we continue to value the environment. When profit is put before the protection of the environment, sustainable business growth is impossible. Aside from the economic impact on businesses of an unhealthy environment, we have a collective duty to protect the planet that sustains us all.

Without environmental management systems in place, it is almost impossible to keep track of a business’ environmental impact. This is dangerous because it means we often are unable to notice when an aspect of the business is causing harm to the environment. With a good environmental management system in place, such as one that adheres to the ISO 14001 standard, businesses can keep track of how they are impacting the planet, and to what extent. This enables them to operate profitably whilst also protecting the planet we all depend upon.

Without a suitable EMS in place, such as one that adheres to the ISO 14001:2015 standard, it is easy for businesses to inadvertently cause irreversible environmental damage. This may be in the form of poisonous chemicals entering a water supply, killing aquatic life, and potentially harming human health, or creating large amounts of unrecyclable waste that damage local biodiversity.

By having an EMS in place that adheres to the standards outlined by ISO 14001, a business is able to support its own sustainable growth, securing its future. Increasingly, businesses are going to have to prove they can account for and mitigate against any negative impact they have on the planet. An excellent way to ensure your business is held in high regard in this respect is to implement an EMS that meets the ISO 14001:2015 standards.

ISO 14001 certification can set your business apart from your competitors by showing you care about the environment, just as your customers do. It also shows that your company is forward-thinking, as it is unlikely that businesses without a thorough EMS in place will be able to function effectively for much longer. By integrating an ISO 14001 EMS into your wider management system, enabled by the latest version (ISO 14001:2015) being compatible with Annex SLA, your will help to future-proof your business. Any future demands on businesses in terms of their environmental impact will be easily managed with an ISO 14001 EMS in place.

Implementing an EMS that reaches the ISO 14001:2015 standards is a sensible business move, both securing your business’ financial sustainability and protecting the planet we all rely upon for basic materials and services, not to mention quality of life. Ensure your business is working towards a better planet for everyone with an ISO 14001 certified EMS.

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