GCC client feedback; swift innovation possible due to sound foundational policies and procedures

The current circumstances surrounding COVID-19 has left many wondering how to provide innovative and flexible solutions for business to continue with new social distancing laws.
Global Compliance Certification provides quality auditing services with experienced auditors and technical experts to help you identify areas of risk and ensure appropriate processes are in place to manage and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape we are experiencing. Just take it from one of our clients, Optiform Pty Ltd. :
“What a difference a month makes! We were just discussing that 4 weeks ago we were experiencing our NDIS audit hangover. Little did we know what was lurking around the corner.
On a positive note, the many, many processes that we put in place for the Audit, including risk registers, contingency plans, procedures, etc have absolutely, without a doubt, saved our business over the past few weeks.
We were able to move our entire practice to Telehealth overnight with no/little interruption. It sure is a new set of challenges but our business, clinicians, and participants have managed to pivot successfully.
So there’s our little story. Thanks for playing your part in this; your suggestions and ability to see “holes” that we didn’t know existed have helped enormously.” – Meaghan Sullivan,
Speech Pathologist, Optiform Pty Ltd

Be prepared for life’s uncertainties, just as Optiform Pty Ltd has. Call Global Certification Compliance to see how we can assist you with your auditing needs today. Ph: 02 8644 0603 or visit NDIS Page

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