We share our terms and conditions of using the certification logos with our valued clients to guide them how they can meet the certification and accreditation requirements

GCC Logo and Certification Marks

  • Client may only use the Certification Mark corresponding to the standard that Certification is based on.
  • Client can only use a Certification Mark, provided he holds a valid Certificate of Conformity.
  • The Certification Mark may be shown on Client’s letters and other public relations material such as business cards, website and email signature.
  • The Certification Mark must not be used on product or in any way to create an assumption that it is a product Certification Mark or that a product has been certified.
  • The Certification Mark must only be shown in standard size and design. Standard size and design may be obtained from GCC on request.
  • The Certification Mark must never be shown as larger than Client’s own logo, but the certification Mark must always be shown in its entirety.
  • Client will consult with GCC in respect of use of the Certification Mark if necessary.
  • In case of suspension or withdrawal of a certificate client must discontinue its use of all advertising matter containing a reference to Certification.
  • In case of incorrect reference to Certification status or misleading use of certification documents or marks, GCC may request corrective actions, suspension or withdrawal of certificate, publication of the transgression or, if necessary, legal action.
  • The Certification Mark must not be applied to laboratory test, calibration or inspection reports, as such reports are deemed to be products in this context.


  • Clients shall only use the Accreditation Symbol where it is placed adjacent to the name and/or certification marks of GCC and client’s own logo.
  • The dimensions of the JAS-ANZ Symbol and the GCC certification mark are proportionately equal. The ISO 9001 certified certification marks shown below sample. All applicable certification marks are attached.
  • The Accreditation Symbol is only to be reproduced in the colour combination as shown in below Figure [PMS Reflex Blue and PMS 485 (Red)].
  • The URL for the JAS-ANZ register (www.jas-anz.org/register) must be displayed. If the Accreditation Symbol is used more than once in the same document the URL need only appear in the first instance.
  • The symbol may be reproduced in a single colour to conform to existing pre-printed stationery or newspaper and magazine articles.
  • The Accreditation Symbol may be uniformly enlarged or reduced but shall be sufficiently large for the wording to be clearly legible.
  • The Accreditation Symbol may be embossed or stamped when used on paper.
  • Electronic copies of the JAS-ANZ symbol may be obtained from the GCC office.

The logos for website

Notification on changes

The Client must notify Global Compliance Certification immediately if:

(a) There is any change in the direct or indirect beneficial ownership or control of the Client;

(b) Any significant events including, but not limited to fatal incidents, serious injuries, occupational disease, Environmental disaster/Accident or legal action by a regulatory authority or interested party. (Any audit report/finding by any third party need to be reported to GCC in next surveillance audit)

(c) It ceases to carry on business;

(d) It ceases to be able to pay its debts as they become due;

Suspension and withdrawal of certification

A Certificate may be suspended, withdrawn or cancelled for a limited period or permanently in situation such as the following:

  • Failure by client to meet the requirements for maintaining the Certification of management system, relevant legislation requirement or the certification agreement.
  • Failure to take effective corrective actions to identified non-conformities within the set time limit
  • Failure to pay the fees due, upon written notice from GCC
  • Improper use of the certification status, the Certificate of Registration, or the GCC and/or JAS-ANZ Certification Mark or logos
  • If the client voluntarily and officially requested a suspension in writing
  • Failure to undergo a surveillance audit according to certification program set by GCC.

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